Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chris's/Kris's Closet (Christina)

Chris's Closet


This was one of those rare occasions when I changed clothes twice in one day. If I know I will be doing something during the day and night, I  will usually wear something that is appropriate for both events. In this case my day outfit was appropriate for my night event, but I had to stop home in between festivities to wait on the goldfish I was pet sitting, and I took the opportunity to change. The romper I wore to the Tour de Fat was a bit uncomfortable, and I got tired of having to pee naked, so I decided to switch it up since I was at home anyway.

Romper: Vintage shop in Brooklyn

Belt: Village Valuables, German Village

Shoes: Coach


My night outfit was cute and so comfy, adding the backpack gave me that loungy school girl feel. I was going to a listening party for the Jay-Z 4:44 album, and this look was very appropriate. The event was at a members only club, it felt very house-partyish.  I wanted to keep my boho look that I had earlier in the day, but less rocker. I kept on the same shoes, and some of the same jewelry.

Kimono: Target

Skirt: Donated to me

Crop top: Target

Backpack: Gift from South Korea

Be Blessed! Be Free! Be Fashionable!


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