Thursday, March 31, 2016

Style Adventures Vol.17 (Columbus,Ohio)


After binge watching "The Carrie Diaries", I was so inspired to my spice up my wardrobe, that I went shopping 2 days in a row to my favorite Ohio Thrift Stores. If you are a fashionista you must watch "The Carrie Diaries" just for the amazing 80's style. With the show being fresh on my mind I was zooming around the thrift store putting all types of things in my cart.

Ohio Thrift Store
3551 Cleveland Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43224

I love this location, they have the best vintage items and they are cheap. My biggest finds here are usually accessories.

Ohio Thrift Store
5738 Columbus Sq
Columbus, Ohio 43231

This location is great for finding authentic ethnic pieces, great accessories and furniture.

These sparkly shoes and gloves with the side zipper are so 80's, and the earrings have an ethnic feel.

This African print skirt excited me, I can't wait to wear it this summer.

A Betsey Johnson purse with tags, a like new clutch, and braided belts. My total for everything was $38.75.

If you live in Ohio, be sure to shop at Ohio Thrift Stores the last Wednesday of every month for 50% off of everything excluding furniture. If you are not in Ohio, check with your local thrift stores to find which days you can get the best deals. 

Be Blessed! Be Free! Be Fashionable!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Closet Styling: 5 Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Closet Styling

 There are many things that you can do on your own to maintain an organized wardrobe,this new series is all about giving you tips on how to organize your wardrobe. If just thinking about organizing your wardrobe gives you a headache, ChristinaKristin offers closet styling where we will come in and organize your complete wardrobe including accessories if needed. 

Jewelry Organization

Having your jewelry organized is a must, not only for easy selection, but also for the well-being of your jewelry. No matter how expensive or inexpensive it may be, no one likes untangling 10 necklaces, especially when you're in a hurry. I am a pinterest fanatic and I love all the tips on organizing jewelry, I even have a board just for that. Read on to find some of my top tips!

Photo Credit: WhiteFauxTaxidermy

1. Keep items in sight.

     Your morning rush will be much calmer if you keep your jewelry organized in such a way that you can see your everyday pieces quickly. It's a good idea to use countertop accessories or organizers that hang on a wall or from your closet, or a combination of both.

Photo Credit: AfterTheLeavesFall

2. Seperate jewelry into categories, necklaces,bracelets,earrings etc

       If all of your pieces are sorted by how you would wear it,  choosing jewelry will be so much quicker and easier. Organizing may take awhile in the beginning, but in the long run it will make life so much easier. Instead of scraping through a jewelry box to find a bracelet, it will be readily available for you maybe on a bracelet bar.

Photo Credit:Goodwill Blogging

3. Use jewelry trays with dividers.

     The idea of a jewelry tray is great, but if it does not have divided spaces for your jewelry overtime things can become a tangled mess. I have jewelry trays that I use with no dividers and when I'm in a hurry things tend to get mixed up in the tray.

Photo Credit: OutBackCraftShack

4. Organize those everyday pieces that are not jewelry like hair accessories.

     If you happen to be a naturalista like me, then you know all about the thousands of hair accessories that we can collect. In my own world, it's like I can never find a bobby pin when I need it, a headband, a hair tie, or my favorite stretchy bands. It actually becomes quite frustrating, so I am on a search to find a better way to organize them, where they are at a arms reach when I need them.

Photo Credit:TidePools

5. Store a polishing cloth with your jewelry.

You never know when a necklace or bracelet will need some polishing. Just be prepared by storing a cloth inside  one of your jewelry organizers.

I hope these tips help you organize your jewelry!

Be Blessed! Be Free! Be Fashionable!