Styling Services

The Minimalist
The minimalist is one who is always on the go and lives with very little. With this package we can create an interchangeable wardrobe for you with as little as 40 pieces of clothing and 2 pairs of shoes. Includes:

  • Wardrobe edit/audit
  • Shopping list (if needed)

Accessory Chic
The Accessory chic girl is one who has her wardrobe just how she likes it, but she can't seem to get the accessories right. We will show you how accessories can change your look, by pairing accessories with your current wardrobe. Includes:

  • Edit/Audit of accessories
  • Organization of accessories
  • Shopping list

The jetsetter is a woman who is always on the go. She loves to travel, but hates to pack. With our efficient work and style expertise you can sit back with a glass of wine and watch us work. Includes:
  • Styling outfits for your trip and completing all of the packing
  • Taking photos of outfits for easy wardrobe selection while traveling
  • Ensure luggage is packed neatly and in a way that saves space

Closet Styling
If you have lots of great clothing and accessories, but finding something to wear drives you crazy, then Closet Styling is for you. We will organize your wardrobe(including drawers and accessories) in a way that will leave you feeling stress free when getting dressed. Includes:
  • Wardrobe edit
  • Space saving hangers
  • Shopping list/Wardrobe audit

Shop with a Stylist
Stylists aren't just for celebrities. We can make shopping easier for you by organizing a shopping trip and having clothes already selected when you arrive to the store. Don't have time to shop? We can bring pieces to you for you to shop in the privacy of your own home. Includes:
  • Wardrobe edit/audit
  • Style analysis
  • Shop curated collections of clothing handpicked by us
  • Complimentary beverages and small bites

Shop Your Closet
Maybe you have a lot of great pieces, but are unsure of how to wear them, or want to wear them in a different way. When we "Shop Your Closet", we will style new looks for you using your current wardrobe. Includes:
  • Wardrobe edit
  • Outfit creation
  • Wardrobe audit with shopping list
  • Virtual look book of new looks
  • Learn what silhouettes, styles and colors suit you best, and how to confidently mix and match your clothes and accessories

RE-Style Your Wardrobe
This deluxe package was created especially for those who are ready to invest in themselves and completely fine tune their appearance. Includes:
  • Closet Styling
  • Shop Your Closet
  • Shop With a Stylist
  • Virtual & Hard copy look book
  • 3 free hours of styling
  • 1 complimentary service to use in the future

Vintage Shop With a Stylist
We have a special place in our hearts for thrift and vintage shops. There is something about knowing that when you shop at a vintage store, no one else will have your look. And of course bargain shopping is great too! Includes:
  • Shopping at pre-selected vintage shops
  • Shop With A Stylist

All prices are determined upon consultation; if you are interested in having us style you, please email us at

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