Thursday, June 30, 2016

Chris's/Kris's Closet ( Kristin ) June 26, 2016 Comfest Day 3

Kris's Closet

In this blog post you will get a glimpse of pieces in my closet, learn where I found them and where I wore them. My name is Kristin. Welcome to my closet!

Sunday was the Comfest Community Festival finale. It was the hottest day and luckily also the shortest day. I was excited to revisit a dress that I have worn on the blog a few years ago. It was given to me by my friend's mom. I wanted to be comfortable and this dress is one of the most comfortable things that I own. I belted the dress and threw on a hat and some gold sandals. I wore the same earrings I had on the previous day. I had the lady next door to our booth create a tribal paint design on my face. I was feeling super festive. This was Sunday's look!

Dress: Gift from a friend's mom
Belt: Thrift find
Sandals: Type Z Desert Sandal (old)
Hat: It was Grandpa's
Sunglasses: Quay Australia Yibrow
Earrings: ChristinaKristin 

Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Chris's/Kris's Closet (Christina) June 25, 2016 ComFest Day 2

Chris's Closet

Saturday was a bit better for me because I was well rested and mentally more prepared and organized to help manage our booth.  Again I wanted to be comfortable and stylish, so I decided to wear my favorite summer pants and a tank. I threw on simple accessories and I was ready to go.

Hair Accessory: Belt from community yard sale
Sunglasses: Target
Earrings: ChristinaKristin
Vest: Forever 21
Bracelets: Indian vendor at street market
Pants: xhilaration, Target
Shoes: Bakers

Until Next Time!

Be Blessed! Be Free! Be Fashionable!


Chris's/Kris's Closet (Kristin) June 25, 2016 ComFest Day 2

Kris's Closet

In this blog post you will get a glimpse of pieces in my closet, learn where I found them and where I wore them. My name is Kristin. Welcome to my closet!

Saturday was the best day of the Comfest community festival. The weather was tolerable, we stayed busy and we were much more organized than the previous day. It was warmer than Friday, but I was prepared. I did some pattern mixing by pairing a python printed skirt with the elephant vest I thrifted for my Spring trends list. I layered the vest over a yellow ribbed beater. This time I put on a pair of flat sandals to keep my feet cool. The star ChristinaKristin piece on Saturday was from our Global Gal Collection. I wore the new Sibri earrings. I made them that morning to wear with my outfit. I got so many compliments on them that I made a second pair that day to sell. 

Vest:Handmade elephant vest (vintage thrift find from the 70s)
Tank:Forever 21
Skirt:Life Style (thrift find)
Sandals:Type Z Desert Sandal (old)
Sunglasses:Quay Australia Yibrow
Necklaces:A friend brought them back from India.
Ring:From a street vendor in Harlem 

Until next time,
Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Chris's/Kris's Closet (Christina) June 24, 2016 ComFest Day 1

Chris's Closet

This weekend was pretty festive and a bit exciting. Kristin and I enjoyed our first vendor opportunity of the year at ComFest. ComFest is a big deal in our city and possibly the state. ComFest is short for Community Festival, it has been happening annually since the early 70's. People love it because it is a festival that celebrates togetherness, individuality and freedom. You will hear live music from local artists, creative vendors, you will be able to register to vote and help to legalize marijuana if you choose.  For more info on this festival please visit 

Friday I chose to wear something comfortable and stylish. I knew I would be sitting and standing all day and I wanted to be prepared. 

Hair Accessory: Handmade by me
Sunglasses: Free People
Earrings: ChristinaKristin
Shirt: Thrift Store
Bracelets: Gift from Ghana
Belt: Find at community yard sale
Shorts: Karen's Closet (Kristin's mom gives me all type of clothes, YAY!)
Shoes: Target (Very old)

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed! Be Free! Be Fashionable!


Monday, June 27, 2016

Chris's/Kris's Closet (Kristin) June 24, 2016 ComFest Day 1

Kris's Closet

In this blog post you will get a glimpse of pieces in my closet, learn where I found them and where I wore them. My name is Kristin. Welcome to my closet!

Friday was the start of a festival in Columbus, Ohio called Comfest. It is a community festival where you are free to be who you are, enjoy music, food and drink and celebrate community. Ohio is a state that allows women to be topless, so it is common to see topless women throughout the area. The smell of marijuana permeates the air. This is the favorite festival for many in our city.

   Christina and I were vendors this weekend at the event. Friday was the longest day, starting at 11am and ending at 11pm. I wanted to be comfortable for the 12 hour shift, so I opted for a summer dress and flats. We also wanted to wear pieces from our collections, so the star piece Friday from our Vegas Collection, is a pair of crystal covered satin red bows with a chain metal drape at the bottom. This was Friday's look.

Dress: Milly for Design Nation from Kohls (Last Spring Season) 
Shoes: Me Too (old) I also replaced the flowers on the side with pom pom balls.
Sunglasses: Kensie (old) 
Earrings: ChristinaKristin

Until next time,
Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Afropunk Paris 2016

Afropunk is a weekend music festival that happens in Brooklyn, Paris, Atlanta and London. The festival celebrates freedom of expression, anything unconventional, and is a global multicultural experience inspired by alternative music. The attendees don their most unique clothing and accessories and have a great time. Here are some of my favorite looks from the festival this past weekend in Paris.

All images courtesy of Essence and Into The Chic. For more info on this bohemian festival check out 

Be Blessed! Be Free! Be Fashionable!


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

ChristinaKristin Thrift Our Top Spring/Summer Trends

  In April, Kristin and I both shared our Top 5 Spring trends, in case you missed it check out our posts here and here. As we promised, we went to our local Ohio Thrift Stores with a our lists to see if we could shop our favorite trends inexpensively. Guess what? We actually found some of our trend pieces, and most of our pieces doubled into more than one category. Take a look at what we found.

I couldn't resist the baskets of .89 cent hair accessories, and I must say I was excited to see this pic because my bun was POPPIN!!! LOL Sorry, sometimes it takes a picture to show you what you really look like.


Christina's Finds

The bohemian trend was actually the easiest to shop for, I found these pieces quickly. The top on the left is an authentic ethnic piece, not sure exactly where it's from, but it looks somewhat African to me. Kristin picked out the dress and bought it for me, I liked it in the store, but when I tried it on at home I liked it so much more.

Kristin's Find 
 I love a boho piece especially when it seems like it could be one of a kind. I didn't find a lot in this category for myself,  but I could not leave without this vest covered in my favorite animal, the elephant. I loved that it had special handmade embroidery.  I can't wait to dress it up with a skirt or wear it with jeans.

Floral Boho

Christina's Finds

This tunic was my absolute favorite, I fell in love with the print and the color. It can be worn in so many ways, when I go swimming I plan to wear it as a bathing suit cover up, or as a dress on one of these hot summer days. This floral shirt is not something I would normally pick out for myself, but it fit the spring trend, I can pair it with many things in my closet, and it's loose so it will be cool to wear this summer.

Fun Florals

Kristin's Finds 
While my "Fun Florals" could probably have been included in the "Floral Boho", I decided that the oddness of a pair of bright floral culottes and a floral/ paisley skirt deserved it's own category. The culottes more than anything are like nothing I have ever seen before. I almost left them at the store but Christina convinced me that I could pull them off.

Christina's Find

Mini skirts are my favorite thing about summer,  they are so comfortable, and when they have a  print you can pair it with a simple top and be stylish and comfortable. This one was a little big, but I don't think you can tell.


Ornate Hair Accessories

 Christina's Finds                           Kristin's Finds
We were both were able to find cool pieces to adorn our natural hair.

Wicker Bag

Christina's Find
As soon as we walked in the store I spotted this wicker clutch and I quickly put it in the cart. It was in really good condition, and it's spacious. I've carried it a few times already, and it will compliment the other items I purchased.

Christina's total price spent: $23.04

Kristin's total price spent:$11

Until next time,
Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!
Chris & Kris