My name is Kristin!
I am a naturalista, fashionista, foodie and lover of art, and travel!

My fashion personality and inspiration...

I am the red personality of ChristinaKristin. My style is bold, wild and colorful.   Sometimes I feel like a bohemian and sometimes I feel like a glam rocker but I always love to be bright in color. My favorite color is red so I often wear clothing with red in it or I have on a red lip. Since I am very petite and very curvy, I have some fashion challenges like most people. Everyone can't wear everything! You have to know what looks good on. In my 30's I am finally figuring it out and I admit I don't get it right 100% of the time. My favorite accessory in general is the belt. It creates a waist when there isn't one in most cases. My waistline is not super defined but because my curves are larger belting my dresses and two piece outfits gives me the hour glass figure I have always wanted. My inspiration comes from my mom who is very stylish and loves to shop. Her style is mostly tailored and masculine with a touch of femininity.  My gramsy Nolan was so sophisticated and chic. She inspired me so much and I even wear a lot of her clothing and jewelry pieces today.

Where I've been...

I have been studying fashion since high school. I learned to use industrial sewing machines in Fashion & Fabric Services at Northeast Career Center in Columbus, Ohio before it became part of Easton Town Center's property. My teacher Mrs. Burton, a fashionista herself, taught me how to make my first articles of clothing and even guided me through the construction of my prom dress. I went to Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA for a year. I was not a fan of the city even though I loved my school so I transferred to The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. I was comfortable in Fort Lauderdale, it is my birthplace and I have family there.  I stayed to get my associates and was awarded Future Designer of my class at the Art Institute. I came back to Ohio and  I worked for Forever 21 in the visual department for a couple years and did sales for a few other retail establishments while I worked on small projects of my own and fine tuned my vision for my future. 

I am passionate about...

During the week it's all business but the weekends I am at a winery, festival or checking out a yard sale, antique shop or thrift store. I am all about locating the next bargain or treasure for myself and whom ever will listen. My Favorite Things: Items I am passionate about and swear by are Mac Cosmetic's Russian Red Lipstick, I love a Snuggie to relax under, Truffles wine, and SEE Eyewear frames.

My Press

I was recognized for my style & asked to do an article and photo shoot.
 Columbus Alive 7/19/2007
"Off the Rack" by Brook Preston
photos by Will Shilling

NBC6 South Florida Today
DIY Halloween Costumes 10/2004
Miami Herald " Tropical Life" 10/27/04 
Rubber Gloves and denim made the cover of the Miami Herald weekender. " Clean Diva" costume
Article:Kathryn Wexler, Photo: Charles Trainer Jr

Model: Erica 

 Be Blessed! Be Free! Be Fashionable!


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