Thursday, September 22, 2016

Chris's/Kris's Closet (Christina) September 11, 2016

Chris's Closet

Recently, I had girl time with Kristin and a good friend who was visiting from Atlanta. It was just a casual meet up at her hotel where we enjoyed food, drinks,and conversation.  I figured wearing this cotton shirt dress would be perfect, it's stylish, yet comfortable. I have to tell you about the company where I purchased this versatile piece. I don't do much online shopping, but when I do it's because I really want the item. 

The company eShakti sells women's fashion sizes 0-36. Their slogan is We design. You  customize. That's exactly what they did. I went to the website, browsed through hundreds of dresses that for the most part are simple, aside from the  printed options, and I fell in love with the silhouettes that were shown. I've never really been able to wear a shirt dress that did not drown my petite frame, but having the ability to input my measurements ensured that the dress would fit properly. After I put my measurements in I was able to choose the length, the sleeve length and if I wanted pockets or not. I LOVE pockets so I was excited about that.

Once you place your order it ships out in exactly 10-14 days. I really appreciated the packaging because the delivery guy threw or hid, maybe, the box in the bushes where it sat for a couple days (because I didn't know it was there) and it had rained. But when I opened the box my dress was inside of plastic so no harm done. The dress was neatly pressed and folded, I could literally wear the dress right out of the box. The dress is 100% cotton, and it fit great. I decided to belt it, but it fits so well that I could definitely go without the belt. I loved that the dress fit my frame and it looks chic and stylish. They added my pockets :) and it was over the knee as I requested.

Please check out their website This might be my new favorite place to shop. Shall you find something you would love to have, take advantage of a 10% discount by entering the code 'astylishlife' in the promotional code box at checkout. This code is valid from 09 /23 /2016  – 10 /24 /2016.

 Please note:
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Code can be used any number of times until the validity period.
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3 of my favorite!!


1. Digital Art Print Crepe Sash Tie Dress

2. Lace Hem Poplin Skirt

3. Sash Tie High Waist Palazzo Pants

My Style:

Necklace: ChristinaKristin

Purse: Gift from Kenya

Fabric sash: fabric from Amyang

Shoes: Target

Be Blessed! Be Free! Be Fashionable!

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Story of The Met Gala, From Columbus to New York

August was an exciting month for us. On August 18-20 we went to the Kleibacker Film Festival at the Columbus Museum of Art. The festival is a free fashion film festival held at the art museum each August, where they show fashion documentaries for three daysThe first night was the reception, the theme inspired by the past themes of Met Galas. We were excited to challenge ourselves to create looks inspired by the creative themes of Met Gala's past. I went with the most recent theme, this past May 2016,  'Manus x Machina, Fashion in the Age of Technology'. Christina revisited 'Chaos & Couture' from 2013. The opening night's movie was 'First Monday in May', a movie about the 2015 Met Gala. The theme last year was 'China, Through the Looking Glass". The Met Gala where Rihanna wore that gorgeous yellow robe with the train from the gods, that's the one. The documentary takes you behind the scenes of the 2015 Met Gala's planning with Anna Wintour, her staff, and the Met Gala co chairs.
Our Met Gala inspired looks for The Kliebacker Film Festival Reception.

Nine days later, we were making our way to New York for Christina's Birthday getaway with plans to visit the Met to check out 'Manus x Machina' before the exhibit was retired early September. We may never be invited to the Met Gala but believe me, just visiting the show is the next best thing. On the day we visited, August 30th, Christina's Birthday, Anna Wintour was there signing books. Unfortunately we just missed her but the thought that we almost crossed paths was still a little exciting. We were just grateful to have seen, what at least, some of the fuss was about. We drooled over a collection of couture that was covered in beading, feathers, and even drinking straws. We marveled over a dress made out of metal that you would never have to walk in because it moves for you. Imagine that! And of course we took moments to snap a few photos.

Until Next Time,

Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!
The crowded stairs of the Met.

Christina on her Birthday in front of the Met.

1950s Dior


Dress made of Coral by McQueen.

Posing in front of Prada and one my favorites to the right of me, by Christopher Kane.
The Show Stopper Chanel 
Me & Chanel
Christina in front of Dior Spring 2015

Christina in front of Dior & Hussein Chalayan

Issey Miyake
Me in front of the Met

Monday, September 12, 2016

ChristinaKristin, About Afropunk Brooklyn

 We returned from Brooklyn less than two weeks ago, where we spent four days celebrating Christina's birthday. Part of one of those days was spent at Afropunk Fest. For those unfamiliar, it is a music festival that encourages love and acceptance. There is also so much creativity and style. It's a festival where you can get away with so much style wise. If you want to wear stuffed animals as a shirt, great! If you want to wear every color in the rainbow or all your jewelry at once, wear it with confidence. If you want to wear shorts with a top created completely out of body paint or bare your surgical scars from your breast cancer battle, do it. It's all welcomed and you are welcomed. 

We are so inspired by the experience we had at the festival. We saw so many fierce characters, the everyday creatives and the ones that took the stage like Janelle Monae. We felt the love and smiled about the overwhelming cloud of positive energy. We celebrated the artisans in the vendor village who were selling their creations of love, like a beautiful young girl who wrote a few books and jewelry designers much like us.
 We came to experience the festival and to represent our brand but we left with so much more. We left with a renewed sense of inspiration and appreciation for our selves. Our style was acknowledged by photographers. Our work was praised by our peers. Our energy was matched by all those around us. We were at home. 


Until next time,

Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!