Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Style Crush

I met Ronica years ago when we both worked at BCBG. I remember Ronica being this sweet and super supportive person, she knew of my dreams to pursue styling and jewelry design and always had an encouraging word.  Now that we are both in different phases of our lives, I love to look on Facebook and see her beautiful family, her personal style, and how she is helping other women embrace style. She probably feels like I stalked her to get this post, but I knew she was someone I wanted to share with our readers because of her determination,radiating personality, and her awesome fashion sense.  Read on and be inspired.

Ronica Mullins. 32. Personal Shopper/Stylist .Palm Beach/Miami

1. My take on fashion!

Fashion is being able to express yourself without any words; it's letting the clothes speak for themselves. It's a collaboration of life experiencing culture, and upbringing that developed through time, awarding the forever great pieces by repeating your "look" in your personal style, incorporating them no matter the changes in decades! It's experiencing the good with the bad and learning from your mistakes through trial and error! Fashion is forever changing and evolving. It's doing what feels good in the moment and feeling liberated for not choosing to care on those days that you feel good enough in your skin to not let the clothes define you!

2. Where I have been!

 My very first job in High School was working at Wilsons leather company. Looking back, leather has since been a huge part of my wardrobe! I interned at Abercrombie n Fitch in college and quickly learned how important the denim fit/wash is! Just for the record-I could never fit in any of their jeans! Thank the lord for AG and Paige jeans who understand that the rise on the backside is just as import as the one in the front when you are dealing with curvy girls! I worked in London, England as the Assistant to the Marketing Director of Liz Claiborne Group and then moved to LA to freelance style and work for BCBG! I currently reside in Palm Beach, Fl and have a second office in Aventura, where I am a full time stylist and personal shopper for Bloomingdales!

3. I am passionate about.

I am passionate about awakening people! I'm in the business of helping people to see the best versions of themselves! My job always starts with a pep talk; highlighting what is great about their body and what I am trying to achieve through their wardrobe. I have learned throughout my years that the same dress on the same women in the same mirror can be perceived differently depending on how they feel about themselves in that moment! To be a great stylist you have to understand your clients' "deal breakers." start slow to gain trust and once they acknowledge and accept that you are the expert, you will be able to push the envelope and achieve greatness! Remember, without the proper pep talk, the best looks created on the red carpet could never exist! It's all about the confidence you're feeding them! Yes a shirt is just a shirt but what matters is how you feel in it! Your boldness will speak loud and clear! There will always be times when people are wearing the same look, at the same event, but there can only be ONE who wore it best and I want to be known as that person's stylist!

4. You can find me.

I love love love to thrift shop! I am inspired by the journey of a polyester jacket that was made in Italy. It feels like I hit the lottery for 10 billion when I leave with a two piece matching vest and pants from the 70's! Especially when it looks like it was the main inspiration of Max Mara's Spring campaign! It's confirmation that my style is ahead of times when I find something great and look at the magazines months later and finds its replica in the center pages! I find inspiration in NYC; the great big apple, where the perfection of blended street style and modern designs can be found! It inspires me to keep creating art with clothes and to never to stay in my comfort zone. Always stay 10 steps ahead. And last but not least-keep sharing my unique style & taste for life with all who come through my office!

Follow Ronica:

Instagram: @RonicaMullins

Be Blessed! Be Free! Be Fashionable!


Monday, April 25, 2016

Clothing Culture

American Aesthetics 

If you are in need of some inspiration or something to do this week in Columbus, it is your last chance to see the American Aesthetics Collection at Ohio State University's Campbell Hall. The Collection houses pieces by Oscar de la Renta, Bill Blass and Geoffrey Beene. The collection includes pieces from the 60s and 70s, among other eras. If you love hand beading or vintage clothing, this is a must. It reminds us of what it meant to be a lady and that fashion is an endless cycle of repetition. You will see garments that easily mirror the trends of today. Click on the title link above for details and hours. The final day to view the collection is Saturday April 30.

 Historic Costume & Textile Collection
175 Campbell Hall
1787 Neil Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43210

 Check it out and enjoy! Some of the garments are truly drool-worthy!


Friday, April 22, 2016

Dress Up With Sweats

Athleisure has become a way of life. We stay in our sweats and stretchy clothing whenever we can. People want to be comfortable, that's why the dreadful legging worn like pants look won't go away. I admit, I am in sweats most of the week when I have no plans of leaving the confines of my home. I occasionally wear them to the grocery store but no where else. I grew up believing sweats were for inside the house or exercise but later wore them to my fashion design classes. It's hard to dress up when you are in college with early classes and long days sitting on stools at high draft tables and squatting under body forms to get a perfect hem. Now, I am an adult who loves to embrace fashion trends but somethings take a little more effort, like retraining my way of thinking when it comes to sweatpants. Today designers are creating sweats that look a lot like pants we wear everyday, which makes wearing them to work or for play easier. They look like slacks, they come covered with wild patterns, they are made out of dressier fabrics and are even embellished with sequins.

Look 1
Boho Chic Sweats

Tribal Print Sweats by Akademics
Denim Shirt by Dickies
Sweater old from Meijer
Hat was my grandpa's
Levity Echo Bootie Sandal
Tote by Brother Veillies for Tumi
Jewelryby Baublebar
Sunglasses by Quay 

I love when people give me clothes. I am talking hand me downs! It's thrift without opening my purse. This look was created with mostly items that were given to me. The sweatpants were rejects from my teenage nephews closet. He didn't like them but I love them. The denim button up is a men's shirt that a family friend didn't want. The rest of the items I have had a while except for the purse which I will discuss in more detail very soon.

Two weeks ago,I treated the tribal printed sweatpants just like a pair or any printed pants. Instead of going super match-y, I decided to pair the busy print with classic neutrals. You can pair a denim or chambray shirt with just about anything and camel and off white are always easily paired. I finished the look with silver bohemian style accessories like a fringe chain necklace and a slave bracelet.

Look 2
Sporty Rocker Sweats

Sweats by Victoria Secret Pink
Chambray Button up by Apt 9 Kohls
Vest by INC
Oxfords by Tildon
Purse by Michael Kors

Yesterday I wore these black sweatpants with a silver sequin stripe up each side. I have worn them before on the blog but with sneaker wedges in a more toned down way.  I paired these sparkly sweats with a lighter chambray button up with a silver studded collar and a long INC vest. The vest and pants were given to me by my mom. More hand me downs! I wanted to wear black pumps but it was rainy so I opted for a pair of black and white checkered oxfords. 

A Few Tips To Working Sweatpants Into Your Daily Wardrobe!

1. Select sweatpants that fit and aren't too baggy.

2. Treat them like regular pants.

3. To get away with wearing them for work, select a straight leg style without a banded bottom

4. A button up will make most sweats more style friendly.

5. Choose shoes other than sneakers to dress up sweatpants. If you must wear sneakers, select a non-traditional more stylish pair to increase style factor and sophistication.

A Few Fun Styles

Adidas Floral Burst
H&M mens denim
Halston Tapered Sweatpants

I hope this inspires you to look at
sweats in a different way. I challenge you to pull out your best pair and style them for a day out this weekend.

Until next time!
Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Kristin's Top 5 Spring Trends 2016

It is officially Spring even if the weather in some places is saying something different. I always look forward to wearing clothing with bright color with the return of Spring/Summer seasons. It's been some time since we posted our favorite trends but this year's showing got me excited. Check out some of my favorite trends from some of the designers who showed for the season.

1. Fun Florals
Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel from

I have only become a fan of flowers on clothing since I have been an adult. I wouldn't wear flowers in my twenties because I always thought the print was too girly but I love floral prints today. This spring like most spring seasons, florals were all over the runways but in a really abstract way. They were shown by Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Coach among others. Dolce & Gabbana showed one of my favorite floral looks with lots of texture and color.

2. Sassy Sequins

Gucci, Sonia Rykiel & Tom Ford from

Whether in style or not, I always find a reason to wear a sparkly garment. Finding out that so many designers used sequins in their collections was so exciting because sequins are usually seen more during the winter holiday season. Cavalli, Pucci, Saint Laurent and Gucci among others, showed sequins on the catwalk. I look forward to showing off some of my favorite pieces this season.

3. Solid Stripes

Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger & Chloe from

I believe wearing horizontal stripes can be quite brave and depending upon how bloated I feel, I may opt out to keep from appearing wider than I actually am. However, I love stripes if they are worn in a way that flatters the figure. Vertical stripes are my favorite because they help elongate my short and curvy frame. I wish more designers created vertical stripe pieces. Maybe Missoni, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci or Salvatore Ferragamo will cater to us short and curvy people next time but I triple applaud Chloe for giving us a flowing vertical stripe maxi dress.

4. Perfect Pleats
Chanel, Gucci, Stella McCartney from

 Chanel, Valentino and Carolina Herrera all showed pleats in their collections. When I went to Catholic school, pleats were the last thing I wanted to wear. Then we had the tennis skirt phase in the 90s. Don't act like you didn't have one! I had a couple and never even touched a tennis racket. Today pleated dresses and skirts are longer and more sophisticated. Thank goodness!

5. Romantic Ruffles

Gucci, McQueen & Michael Kors

Designers brought the romance with all the ruffles this season. Ruffles are so feminine but they can be sexy and fun. What I love most about a ruffled garment is that it takes the need to accessorize away. When you are wearing ruffles, you can simplify the rest of the look because the ruffles are already doing so much. I love to accessorize but sometimes you just want an easy look. throw on a ruffled blouse or dress and a pair of diamond studs, nothing else needed. Thank you Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Gucci and McQueen for showing us ruffles done well!

Look for a follow up to our trend lists! We will demonstrate how you can shop the seasons trends at your local thrift store. 
Until Next time!

Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Christina's Top 5 Spring Trends 2016


1. New Bohemian

The "New Bohemian" trend is all about mixing prints in one piece of clothing. I just bought a pair of pants from Target that have about 3-4 different prints, and I am in LOVE with them. Instyle tells us to gain inspiration for this trend from old National Geographic magazines and Janson's History of Art. This trend is care-free and all about expression.

2. Ornate Hair Accessories

When I first went natural, I did the big chop and my hair was pretty short, during this time I would not be caught without wearing one of 2 things, big earrings or a hair accessory. Now that my hair has grown longer I don't use hair acceossories like I used to.  I love the hair accessories that are being shown because they are "grown up", but still fancy. I have already began making new headbands and I will be sure to rock them this summer.

3. Oxford Flats

The first time this trend surface, I was first in line to buy my oxfords. I've never really given this trend up, I currently have 3 pairs of oxfords, and can't wait to get more. I prefer wearing flat shoes these days, and with all of the decorative oxfords out there you can really change the look of a plain outfit.

4.Wicker bags

There are so many eccentric handbags on trend for spring, I chose these wicker bags as my favorite because straw and sunny weather just seems to go together. I have one wicker clutch that I purchased from the thrift store and I only wear it in the summer, it's such a neutral piece I can wear it with anything.

5. Shades of Pink

So I was super excited upon finding out that the color pink was named color of the year, more specifically rose quartz. This spring you will see the light pink shade in stores everywhere. I actually have a thing for rose right now, in my house you will see "dusty blush" in many places. So this pink trend has crossed over to interiors.

As I was writing about my favorite spring trends, I noticed that the trends I chose resonated with me in some way. Each trend actually is apart of the essence of my personal style. When you choose what trends you will incorporate into your wardrobe this spring, be sure that you have some connection to the trend, and try to choose classic trends when you can.  The trends I have chosen are in sense a part of my daily wardrobe already, with this new inspiration I can find new styles of these trends to incorporate into my wardrobe, and still wear them for a long time.

Stay tuned for Kristin's Top 5 Spring Trends, and for a follow up post where Kristin and I will shop for our trends at the thrift store. We will show you how easy it can be finding current trends on a shoestring budget.

Be Blessed! Be Free! Be Fashionable!