Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Style Crush

This week's Style Crush features a fashionista and long- time friend. I have not seen her in many, many years, but we do stay in touch through Facebook. She has always been stylish, and lately I've been admiring her style and her new business venture. I love her concept of being a "Certified Thrifting Stylist". I chose to feature Shadiasha, not only for her great style, but we have some things in common, shopping on a budget and teaching others how to do the same thing. Read her story and be sure to follow her on social media, you won't regret it!

Shadiasha King.32 years old. Owner of September2nds ( Thriftlyfe ).Columbia, SC

My take on FASHION:

Fashion is what you see in the store windows, on a mannequin or on T.V… Now style…style is what you personally do with that window fashion. Style gives me a sense to be myself, to express my mood without speaking a word, to be edgy, noticed, and DIFFERENT. When I get dressed I try to find piece/pieces that I know no one else will have or shall I say no one will have the confidence to wear.  Why match? Why do what everyone is doing? “Fashion isn't defined solely by our clothing choices, but is also conveyed through the way we carry ourselves, our personalities and our views of the world”.

Where have I been?

Growing up I was  ALWAYS asked “ what do you have on”? followed by a laugh or a chuckle, but it never changed who I was or what I thought of myself. I lived in the crazy streets of NYC where style is anything and everything and no one is the same because everyone is different, to the country roads of SC where things are more ordinary and identical , to the in-between of Columbus Ohio where there is a mixture of culture and lifestyles.

I am Passionate About

 “Passion is when you put more energy into something, than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart,” My new statement of life…….SEPTEMBER2NDS (Thriftlyfe) My passion comes from helping others. When I started Septemer2nds (Thriftlye) it was a sense of, I understand that everyone comes from different walks of life, everyone wants to look good and dress FABULOUS but can’t afford it or simply do not understand fashion and style. People tend to feel good when they look good and I’m passionate about self-esteem. I love to see smiles and hear “Thank you’s “I love when she wears the perfect green pump that has nothing to do with the black and white polka dot shirt or a complementing hair style that shows just how daring she is. WHY BE BORING?

You can find me

 Besides thrifting??? lol  I am this wonderful fashionista! I am a loving wife and mother who enjoys traveling to places I’ve never been, dining at great restaurants, and cooking exquisite dishes, PINTEREST is my love affair. I believe that life is what you make it and making memories mean the most, So anytime there is a reason to laugh out loud, dance in the supermarket, or sing in a restaurant. Why not?. THRIFTING IS LIFE. You can catch me at any thrift store, consignment shop, or boutique, where there is a vintage shirt, a sequin dress, or even a pair of lace gloves, I’m there! Thrift stores have an abundance of rare and unique items that I can use to make myself feel like a million bucks!

Follow Shadiasha at :


Shadiasha King

September2nds (Thriftlyfe)



September2nds (Thriftlyfe)

Until Next Time,Ciao!


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Style Crush

Happy Wednesday! In time for #WomenCrushWednesday, I have one of my favorite women that I follow on instagram. I have been following her since I became active on instagram. Her passion for fashion is like no one else I have come across. She truly has her own unique style. The looks she puts together are creative and fun. I am also a huge admirer of her gorgeous mane. Her hair, some would say, gives me life. She puts thought into all she does, from the creations she designs to the way she curates her photos. Have a look at today's 'Style AND Hair Crush'.

Renita Biddle. 40. Designer/Merchandiser

My take on fashion:

 I believe fashion is an art, an innate ability that some are gifted with. It's an amazing form of expression among other art forms. I created this quote to define how I feel about fashion: "Fashion is a conduit of expression for creative souls." 
Fashion is empowering, sexy, fun, mystical, crazy, cool, edgy, sweet, clean, anything the individual wants to convey. Fashion is spontaneous, a mood, an attitude, a language!! This is why we celebrate icons like Audrey Hepburn, Diana Ross, Rhianna, Sarah Jessica Parker. We celebrate them because they fully express their personalities through their style, choices of clothing.

Where I have been:

From a very early age, I knew fashion was my sphere of expression. It started with creating wedding dresses for my Barbie dolls, then in high school revamping all of my grandmother's old clothes, then eventually I got formal fashion design training at my Alma mater Parsons School of Design. It's funny because fashion has always been the backdrop for everything I've ever done. I was a rapper in high school and won a talent show hosted by Teddy Riley. Even then my fashion sense was what got me noticed. When I first moved to New York, a talent agent spotted me and immediately I got a job for a British Airways advertisement. It was that certain something I exuded that caught the agent's eye. It's amazing how our insecurities or things we've been ridiculed or rejected for are often the very areas that radiate our greatest gifts. I've learned the importance of being yourself even in the face of rejection or opposition.

I am passionate about:

 I get the greatest joy out of creating. Creating scripts, garments, photos, all things creative. I'm loaded with creative ideas. I've created spiritually empowering programs for several ministries in the church environment. I've served as a singles ministry leader, a woman's day ministry. I've always loved being an inspiration to people. Ministry provided me the opportunity to inspire people with my creativity, but most importantly through Gods holy word. I appreciate my gift with fashion most because it attracts people and it's given me the privilege of knowing many amazing people. I live by the scripture that says:
"A man's gift maketh room for him,
and bringeth him before great men." 
Proverbs 18:16

You can find me:

 I totally love exploring new things!! At the top of my favorite things to do is finding the craziest places to eat!! I enjoy trying new and sometimes strange foods. As long as it's not moving, I'll eat it!! Lol!! I can be found shopping some of the coolest vintage shops in East Village and Lower East Side. I often travel to Soho to check out the latest designer frocks. I love Soho as it offers you a cool mix of downtown chic and uptown glam at the same time. I enjoy good horror movies! Horror like you keep the lights on at night!! I'm a coffee connoisseur, I must have a good cup of coffee everyday!! My current fave is a Vente iced coffee with toffee nut syrup and half and half!! A total guilty pleasure!!

Want to know more about Renita?




Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Chris's/Kris's Closet (A ChristinaKristin Day Trip Edition) July 18, 2015

Every once in a while we do a combined closet post. We had a great Saturday together away from Columbus. We thought we would share our Saturday looks on the same post since we had the same story to tell and we both wore items from our recent Rocksbox shipment. To get your free month subscription of Rocksbox, use code (christinakristinxoxo) at You can swap, borrow or purchase designer pieces at a discounted rate. For now, check out the pieces we got to wear over the weekend! Enjoy your week!

Chris's Look

Kristin and I talked about going winery hopping for a few weeks, and we finally went this weekend. I received a text early Saturday morning saying "Can you be here by 2:45"?, I replied yes, the next text message was "Bring an extra pair of shoes that are flat. We are starting in a peach and apple orchard". I laughed a little to myself knowing how adventurous Kristin is, but I'm always up for whatever so I was excited. When we arrived in Utica, OH at the orchard, it was just like you see on TV, rows lined with peach trees, it was actually quite beautiful and peaceful. We made a couple pit stops along the way, and I was just along for the ride, which I quite enjoyed. I was able to cross off going on a day trip on my summer bucket list. This is what I wore!

Shirt: Nordstrom Rack, Abound
Skirt: Target, Xhiliration (no longer available)
Shoes: Old purchase, Steve Madden
Earrings: Pearl studs, H&M
Bracelets: A combination of Stella & Dot, Indian Vendor and ChristinaKristin
Clutch: Vintage find at thrift store

 Kris's Look

Christina, my guy and I road around Central, Ohio. The goal was to pick some
peaches and check out a few wineries. Well, we didn't get to pick peaches because
Branstool Orchard didn't have a great year with all the rain. We just picked up some ready to go peaches and we were on our way. We were able to make it to two wineries. The first winery stop was Three Oaks Vineyard in Granville, Ohio and we ended the evening at Hidden Lakes Winery in Canal Winchester. In between the wineries we stopped at an Amish food store and picked up spices and tried some Amish fares. We took our photos at Hidden Lakes Winery. I really wanted to use their backyard scenery but a wedding party was using the patio. This was Saturday's look. 

Dress: Vintage thrift find from Ohio Thrift Store
Belt: Vintage thrift find
Earrings: Perry Street Callie Earrings from Rocksbox
Bracelet: Betsey Johnson
Sunglasses: AJ Morgan
Handbag: Louis Vuitton
Shoes: Levity Echo Bootie

Until next time,
Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chris's/Kris's Closet (Kristin) July 15, 2015

Kris's Closet

In this blog post you will get a glimpse of pieces in my closet, learn where I found them and where I wore them. My name is Kristin. Welcome to my closet!

Yesterday I took my nephew to his very first concert. We both love Fall Out Boy. When I saw they were coming to town, I knew I had to take him. The tour also included Wiz Khalifa, Hoodie Allen and a few others I wasn't quite familiar with.  We enjoyed Wiz Khalifa and The Fall Out Boy. The concert was outside, so we left the venue tired with achy feet. The discomfort  was definitely worth it. I took these photos before we left to go to the concert. This was last night's look.

I wanted to do a rocker/pin-up girl look. My inspiration was the Coca Cola pin-up girls from some of their past ads. I made my look slightly grunge with the combat style boots. I like to wear boots or protective shoes to rock concerts sometimes because people literally jump on your feet. I was glad I wore the boots last night. Being short, I get stepped on a lot. 

Wrap Dress: Thrift find by Express
Belt: Vintage found on etsy
Necklace/Bracelet Set: My grandma's
Boots: Timberlands
Coca Cola Clutch: Coca Cola from Swank Blue

Until next time, 
Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!
Wiz Khalifa

More Wiz

Fall Out Boy members Patrick and Pete

My Fall Out Boy crush Pete

Fall Out Boy 'Light Em Up'

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Style Crush

We haven't had a 'Style Crush' in a few months but we have redeemed ourselves with this one. I have not officially met Leah but I have been following her on instagram for some time now. I noticed her great sense of style from the very beginning and started to feel like I kind of knew her. We share the same love of fashion and pretty shiny things.She is beautiful but the beauty is not just skin deep. Behind the beauty lies a story and more life lived than the average 24 year old. Since this post is suppose to be about style, check out her style and life philosophy below. To find out why she is more than a 'Style Crush' follow her story. I have provided a link to her blog at the end of the post.

Leah Griffith. 24. Tampa, Florida. Patient Care Technician

My take on fashion:

My love for fashion started when I was a college student in New York City. Each day after class, I took the subway to Manhattan and I spent hours walking down 5th Avenue admiring the jewelry and clothing boutiques. I remember purchasing my very first digital camera during my freshman year of college. During the weekends, I always ordered a grande caffe mocha from the Starbucks on 14th street and 7th avenue then I would walk to Union Square and spend time capturing the unique and eccentric street styles of New Yorkers. Fashion is the love of my life. I'm so passionate about it. I have no set style. I dress how I feel. I can go from beach bum, bohemian, to sleek and chic.
Where I have been:

I have lived in four different states since adulthood; New York, Georgia, Florida and briefly in Ohio. I love to travel up and down the east coast. Plane rides are so therapeutic to me and not to mention fun! Traveling is good for the soul. I really enjoy traveling to different metropolitan cities and taking scenic photos of the architecture. 

I am passionate about:

I am most passionate about helping others that have been abused and mistreated. I am a domestic violence survivor and my mission is to help other young women to stand up and speak out. It is my passion to help those that cannot help themselves whatever the problem. In today's society we need people that have listening ears, slow to judgement and a heart for people. 
You can find me:

In my spare time you can find me shopping in Tampa's trendiest neighborhoods, taking a stroll with friends in Ybor City or sight-seeing downtown. When I want to stay close to my apartment, I drive to the Boba House and spend hours blogging! 

Want to know more about Leah?

Domestic Violence Blog
Until next time,
Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chris's/Kris's Closet (Kristin) July 10, 2015

Kris's Closet

In this blog post you will get a glimpse of pieces in my closet, learn where I found them and where I wore them. My name is Kristin. Welcome to my closet!

Friday I had a free day with my nephew. I have him at the end of the week during the summer. We usually have set plans but occasionally I allow him to decide what he wants to do on the spot. I call it 'Free Day Friday'. We went to see the new Minions movie and stopped at one of our favorite places, Rocket Fizz. From Rocket Fizz we picked up some candy and some sodas for a soda tasting. I usually dress in t-shirts and comfortable shoes when we go on our adventures. This is what I wore.   

Tee: Billie Holiday Tee by Accidental Genius Clothing
Skirt: Thrift Find by Greenwich Square 
Belt: Thrift Find (Vintage) 
Purse: Maxx New York
Ring: Margaret Elizabeth from Rocksbox (Use code christinakristinxoxo for a free month subscription of Rocksbox) 
Earrings: Family Heirlooms (diamonds and earring jackets) 
Sunglasses: Quay  
Wedges: Second hand from a church sale. Kenneth Cole Reaction 

Until next time, 
Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!

Sodas from Rocket Fizz

Monday, July 13, 2015

ChristinaKristin Accessory Soft Launch

Global Gal: Part 1

In honor of our blogiversary we are launching our newest collection as promised. This week we are sharing with you a sneak peek of what we have been working on, part 1 of the full collection will launch at the end of month.  "Global Gal" is the name of our current collection, this collection celebrates cultural diversity, we will share pieces with you through 4 carefully curated collections. Each collection will reflect the continent or country from which we drew inspiration.

 All of our collections derive from inspiration from the world around us. Kristin and I have a culturally diverse group of friends, and are lucky to experience cultural traditions other than our own. It is our hope that when you see the collection, you will instantly be able to identify the continent we are celebrating. 

Can you tell which continent our collection visits first?

These items will be available at the ChristinaKristin etsy shop today. Our shop happy hour starts at 3:00pm Eastern Time. Items will premier at 25% off?