Monday, December 30, 2013

Chris's/Kris's Closet (Kristin) Christmas 2013

Kris's Closet

In this blog post you will get a glimpse of pieces in my closet,learn where I found them
 and where I wore them.  
My name is Kristin. Welcome to my closet!

Christmas day was super busy for me. I made Christmas dinner which included a balsamic glazed lamb roast, green beans and red cabbage. My family and I are all of a sudden into appetizers so I prepared a bunch of those as well as a derby pie for dessert. I was the last to get dressed because I didn't want to be covered in food. All in all it was a great day with my family. After dinner, I rode around looking at lights with my fella. I love the people who go over the top with their decorations.I wish I had photos to share from what I saw. Anyhow, this was my Christmas look. Check it out!

Jacket:thrift store
Knuckle ring: Nordstrom
Necklace: TopShop

I found this jacket at the thrift store this past summer in Lynchburg, Virginia in preparation for the plaid fall trend. I looked hard for tartan plaid but did not find anything thrifting. I did find this plaid jacket though that was probably once a part of someone's school uniform. I folded back the lapels of the jacket and buttoned them down to show off this new necklace from Top Shop.The dress I got during the warm months and I never got to wear it. It came from Target. The cotton dress feels like a tee shirt and has a peplum to cover up my extras from all of the holiday food. Since the dress is sleeveless it went great under the jacket. My boots are new. I finally replaced my old Guess black over-the-knee boots for a new pair of Guess boots. The old ones are now retired. Yay!

What do you think about my holiday look?
Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Designer Holiday!!! Oh Christmas Tree


With Christmas just a week away, I thought I would share with you one of my decorating projects. Less than two weeks ago I bought and decorated the tree at my parent's home. I have to admit I am a huge fan of color so when my mom asked for a black and white tree, I was a little blah about it but also excited about the challenge. I remembered seeing the Alexander McQueen Fall Collection which happened to be black and white with it's pearl face cages, pearl beaded dresses and accessories. The small Catholicism inspired collection also featured white feathers and metallics like gold and silver. I decided to use the collection as my inspiration in both the literal and non-literal sense. I loved the idea of  faux pearls on the tree. I found some polka-dot ribbon. My mom found pearl and polka-dot bulbs online.  The polka-dots gave the same effect as the pearls in the collection. I selected silver as my metallic and incorporated feathers using bird ornaments I found in store and online. I used other patterns like the bird cage criss-cross on the tree to remind you of the face cages and criss-cross patterns in McQueen's collection. I also added one of my favorite things that is also on trend in fashion this year, animal prints.



glass swan from Pier 1

silver glitter bird from Big Lots

I usually buy a star or some kind of decorative tree topper but this year I had the hardest time finding what I wanted. I envisioned a pearl star but once I found one similar to my ideal piece, It was not the price I had hoped for. I decided to create a bow out of polka-dot ribbon and add pearls to it. Check out the steps to my handmade bow.

What you will need
1. one spool of 6 to 8 ft ribbon
2. thread
3. needle
4. glue gun
5. beaded plastic strands or beads on wire (optional) Find these in the wedding department of craft stores
(you can use a glue gun instead of needle and thread)

1. Start by folding the loose end of ribbon toward the spool to create a loop the size of the bow you desire.
Hold the loop firm as you continue creating loops with the loose ribbon on the spool. Continue this process until the bow is as full as desired while maintaining the loop ends in your hand.

2. Use the needle and thread to sew the loops together where your hand is holding the fullness. Leave space under your hand at the bottom. This will create a sleeve to slide the bow on top of the tree if done correctly.
If you are using the glue gun instead of sewing, glue the folds to one another one by one using dots the size of chocolate chips. Be careful not to burn yourself.

3. Add light weight beading. Squeeze small amounts of glue deep into the folds of the bow and tuck the beaded strands into the glue. Press together slightly to conceal the glue.

I also added pearls inside the sleeve so that pearls would cascade down the tree. If you do this you have to spread the pearl strands out evenly around the tree.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christina's Top 5 Fall 2013 Trends!!!

Kristin recently shared her top 5 Fall trends, so it was only right that I share mine too. My choices are in no particular order, just some trends that caught my attention, that I would be willing to try out.

1. Slouchy Pants

I think we have all gotten accustomed to wearing tight skinny pants, I know for sure I have. With my petite frame I feel that if clothes are loose on me then I look as if the clothes are swallowing me. It takes me back to my high school days when I would wear a size 3, but in reality I should have been wearing a 0. But I have been eyeing harem pants since the summer, and I've been noticing some looser fitting pants in stores. The key to wearing these pants are to pair them with a heel,and wear a chic top. For myself I would opt for a more fitted top and a belt to break it up a little.

Photos courtesy of:

2. Classic Patterns (Leopard Print)

Burberry did an amazing job incorporating leopard print into their Pre-Fall collection this season. This was definitely a modern way to show this classic print. I think my favorite is the trench coat with the printed sleeves, love it. This is really a trend that never goes out of style, but just continues to get updated. I think I have a few leopard print items in my closet that I can wear this season. And you could easily find leopard print pieces at your local thrift store.

Photo courtesy of:

3. Black and White

Color blocking has carried over showcasing just two colors, Black & White. I'm loving this trend because it's easy to shop, and very inexpensive. So if you're one of those anti-color people who loves black, now you can mix in a little white.

Photo courtesy of:

4. Menswear Fabrics

Menswear for women seems to stay in style. I especially like this trend because designers are taking traditional men's fabrics which have a masculine feel, and creating them to flatter a woman's body. You will see heavier fabrics such as tweed, and prints like houndstooth and plaid.

5. Statement Fur

Although Kristin is bigger fan of fur than I am, I do enjoy some fur pieces. I especially like the statement fur pieces that were shown on the runway this fall. I myself recently purchased a faux fur leopard print jacket, 2 trends in one, I have yet to wear it. If you are anti-fur, try faux fur, you can find some really good quality faux fur pieces if you shop around.

Photo courtesy of:

What trends are you wearing this season?

Until Next Time,


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kristin's Top 5 Fall Trends of 2013!!! Part II

Hey it's Kristin!!!

5 Fall trends I'm crushing on for 2013!!! Part II

The Shopping List!!!
Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I decided to try something different and break up my top five fall trend post. It always seems to take a long time to collect all the photos and information. I have to do a lot of research to find my five trends, select photos from dozens of designers who usually have 'ready to wear' and 'couture' collections for the same season, then find items online at my favorite shopping sites to create that particular look I discussed that you can purchase if you want. This past Wednesday, I posted my top five favorite trends for the season with photos from the designers who showed the trends in their collections. Today I wanted to show you some of my selections that you can get today should your heart desire. Most of the sites are sites I shop regularly. Since we all have different budgets, I selected many different price points from the trendy store to the high-end department store. Check out my selections and refresh your wardrobe!

5. White on White 

I have never been a fan of white for myself though I love the way it looks on everyone else. I will admit I have been very afraid of it for many reasons. White is not forgiving when it comes to size or stains and I am not a very small girl past my short stature nor am I very careful. Clumsy should be my middle name. This all white trend is beautiful though and has inspired me. I pulled together a complete white look for you today. In a perfect world I can imagine myself wearing this, at least until I was ready to eat or drink. It would have to be an all clear food day with an emergency stain removing kit on hand. Check out my completely white look!

4. Emerald 

 I love the idea of bright and bold colors. Bright colors have been proven to improve our moods and the moods of those around us. When I am having a bad morning, I throw on a bright color and some make-up. Really it helps! Last week, of all the bright colors designers showed for the season, I selected emerald for my color to focus on for my season trend list. Since then I have located some fun emerald pieces that I personally love. Check them out!

3. Leather

Leather is one of the most expensive trends this season. I always advise starting at the thrift store for vintage leather and sometimes you get lucky and find some current pieces that someone decided just wasn't for them. If you must shop for new leather, the leather look aka 'vegan leather' is just as fun. Some of the leather look pieces I have seen have been so close to real that I must admit I have almost been fooled a few times. Either way leather will always have a place in our closets during the cold seasons. I see this purchase as an investment. This is true unless the leather piece is a pair of overalls, a trend that we saw sprouting last spring/summer that will be even bigger this coming spring. A pair of vegan leather overalls would be the way to go since this is probably not going to be a long lasting trend. A genuine leather skirt will probably be something you will get to wear many times over the years. Check out some of the real and faux leather pieces I love!

3. Betsey Johnson Laser Cut Faux Leather Dress $168
5. Metallic Leather Swing Tee TopShop $190

2. Plaid

Plaid comes in so many color options. I love red plaids or a plaid with at least a little red in it. I am sure that is evident with my selections. After the Met Gala with it's Punk themed exhibits, I noticed a lot of designers showed lots of plaid, creating preppy and punk looks with it. To recap, my favorite looks came from the Moschino collection. The collection included completely plaid pantsuits with matching hats. It was great for runway purposes but for everyday, I suggest one piece of plaid at a time. These are a few of my selections.

2. Topshop Plaid Tube Skirt Nordstrom $48
4. Vivienne Westwood Flutter W1056  $485

1. Beanies

My favorite trend is also the cheapest if you know where to shop. While I really love the different options for beanies this season, I will probably end up buying most of my beanies from the same place I buy my hair products. Being a creative person, I can always turn a couple beanies into DIY projects to create some of the same fancy beanie looks I ran across browsing the web for this post. In fact that sounds like a brilliant future post. DIY beanies!  I love cheap but I also really love the beanies I found for you no matter the price. I may not buy them all for myself but I do really love them. You can find beanies in fur, patterns, with ears and even embellished with rhinestones, crystals and sequins. Check out some of the fun ones I selected as my favorites!

1. Le Clement Rabbit Fur Beanie $185.18
2. Sweet Polka Dot Beanie $8.80
3. Grey Knitted Pug Hat $21
4. Fur Pom Cable Beanie $28
5. Silver Spoon Attire Beanie with Mesh Netting  $112.39
6. Heavy Embellished Beanie $40

Look for more on my top five trends soon!

What are your favorite trends this season? Lets us know!

Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kristin's Top 5 Fall Trends of 2013!!!

Hey it's Kristin!!!

5 Fall trends I'm crushing on for 2013!!!

I tried my best to have this posted before October ended but it has been quite a busy few months. It is now officially winter in most places but the post is better late than never. This fall/winter I have embraced somethings that I never thought I would, one of those being the all white trend. Winter whites are all  over and I am thinking I will join in on the all white fun. I also welcomed back one of my favorites from last year, leather. There were some interesting leather looks on the runway like the 'leather feather fur' that Karl Lagerfeld created for the Fendi's fall/winter collection.  I always embrace color and prints each fall even when it isn't a huge trend. This year is no different. The thing I am most excited about is the simplest and cheapest trend of them all. It will keep me warm even when I am going out on the town in my party dress. Check out my favorite trends this fall/winter! 

5. White on White 

I  have mostly stayed away from white. Should I ever get married I never imagine wearing white even on my wedding day. The end of last year I bought an off-white jumper and though I have only worn it once, I have grown to appreciate it as one of the few whitish items in my closet other than a couple cardigans. Thanks to the inspiration of Olivia Pope and designers like Anna Sui, The Row and Gareth Pugh who showed white in their shows for fall/winter 2013, I am thinking it is time to expand my horizons.  For those of you like me, lets add at least a white coat or a pair of pants to our wardrobe this year. Those of you who have been wearing your white for quite some time, keep up your courageous work.
c/o left to right: Anna Sui, Gareth Pugh , Proenza Schouler

4. Emerald 

I will always be a fan of color, maybe a color fanatic is more the truth. This season color is big. Designers showed a variety of bright colors but I decided to focus on one for this list. Emerald is bold and bright. It is a color I have just begun to add to my closet as well. Some of my favorite looks for the season came from Monique Lhuillier. The color was shown in many collections including Chanel and Christian Dior's couture collections. This color will be great for a holiday party dress. For those of you who are shy about color, handbags and shoes in emerald will make just as much of a statement without overwhelming you.
c/o left to right: Chanel, Christian Dior & Monique Lhuillier

3. Leather

Anyone who knows me knows I love leather as much as I love fur. It doesn't much matter if the leather is real or faux. It is no surprise that it had a large presence in fall collections this year.  Karl Lagerfeld showed my favorite pieces though with a textured leather look he created called 'leather feather fur'. Though I won't get to sport his particular look, I look forward to wearing some great leather pieces. Since leather can get pretty expensive, browse your thrift stores or consider leather-look pieces.
c/o &  left to right: Fendi (leather feather fur), Calvin Klein & Prada

2. Plaid 

I have always been a fan of prints. Plaid was among some of the prints that were shown on the runway for fall along with animal prints, paisleys, hounds-tooth and many more options. I choose plaid because it has been easy to find and looks great with leather to create a punk look. The punk look is a trend I am super excited about carrying over into spring. I hated plaid when I had to wear it everyday the year I went to Catholic school but now that it is an option, I welcome it with open arms. I love the Moschino campaign. The house created my favorite pieces and looks for the season. Though I do not plan to wear a complete plaid look, it's too much all at once in real life but a great plaid coat or blazer will be fun for the holidays, the office and for brunch with the girls.
The Moschino Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign 

1. Beanies

My favorite season trend is the beanie. Yes, it is simple and it has been a winter staple for quite some time now but I love the idea of wearing the hat with dressier attire. The little things excite me! Imagine, you are going to a holiday party in a sparkly dress and it's snowing and cold outside. You have on your coat and a solid color beanie. You get inside and instead of rushing to the ladies room to fix your scary hat hair, your hat is part of your look. It is a natural hair girl's dream! This is my must staple for the season. The beanie is cheap and  super chic.  Get a few for variety!  
c/o left to right: Rebecca Minkoff, Alice & Olivia,  Rochas

Look for part II of my top five trends with shopping selections for each trend soon.

What trends will you embrace this season?

Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Chris's/Kris's Closet (Kristin) November 3, 2013

Kris's Closet

In this blog post you will get a glimpse of pieces in my closet,learn where I found them
 and where I wore them.  
My name is Kristin. Welcome to my closet!

I realize as I get older, I am an equal opportunity closet raider. I have raided the closets of my mom, dad, grandma and even grandpa. Sunday I wore a suede fedora that belonged to my grandfather. The hat was a perfect accessory for the weather. It was a cool fall day so with the close of my birthday week and month, I decided I wanted to get brunch and take a walk somewhere. After a slightly disappointing brunch at Cap City, I headed to High Banks Park where I took my photos. Although I love the fall colors, I hate that it means cold weather is just around the corner. This is what I wore.

Blouse: thrift store
Sweater:thrift store
Jeans:Paige Denim
Shoes: lace-less brown and white oxfords by Not Too Coy
Bracelets: vintage copper cuffs from thrift stores
Necklace: I got this necklace for $0.25 at a flea market!
I try to avoid a jacket whenever possible by layering up. The temperature was in the 60's so I wore a sweater over a 70's vintage paisley button-up. I have always loved blues and browns together. I am also loving mixing the feminine and masculine together lately so this look was inspired by both my grandpa and mom. 

What do you think about my look?
Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday's Inspiration

For some odd reason I decided to go back into retail full-time, forgetting how much I dislike the hectic schedule, and the whole retail life in general. But, I'm making the most of it, I love my co workers so that helps. Last week, we were browsing through our Holiday Style Guide to see how we are merchandising the store, and I was excited to see that we were showcasing the bright color trend for Fall.

As I was getting excited my co-workers proceeded to say " bright colors aren't for fall", I explained to them that this neon color palette is on trend for this season of cold days. They didn't believe me, so being the Virgo that I am I had to give them proof, naming designers who did show the color scheme on the runway. I love bright colors, and I'm enjoying them moreso than the jewel tones and muted color palette.

Here's some inspiration to get you geared up for the season!

This is the full color palette for Fall. As you can see there are many brighter bolder colors as well as pastels, and jewel tones.

Several designers showcased this trend, take a look:

Photos Courtesy of : L-R Erin Fetherston,Stella McCartney,Jean Paul Gaultier

Photos Courtesy of: L-R Nanette Lepore,Marc Jacobs,Stella McCartney

Photos Courtesy of: L-R Schiaparelli,Alice + Olivia,Christian Dior

Do you like bright colors for Fall?

Until Next Time,Ciao!


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chris's/Kris's Closet (Kristin) October 27, 2013

Kris's Closet

In this blog post you will get a glimpse of pieces in my closet,learn where I found them
 and where I wore them.  
My name is Kristin. Welcome to my closet!

Sunday I took a Taco Truck Tour through Columbus Food Adventures. It was the anniversary date of the first tour I took with them in German Village last year as part of my Birthday present. I had so much fun last year I decide to schedule two tours for this year's Birthday celebration. My birthday was yesterday but I celebrate a whole month usually. Last year the German Village tour was a walking tour where we learned about the history of the part of town and ate our way through. This year's Taco Truck Tour was a van tour with six stops that were full of great food and information. I learned that there were so many items that I never would have ordered had I not had this experience. They sell a lot more than tacos and burritos. I took these photos on the tour, this is what I wore.

Blouse: thrift store
Fur Vest:thrift store
Jeans:Paige Denim
Boots:second hand 80's vintage from etsy
Earrings: Betsey Johnson Paris Heart Lips 5 Piece Stud Set
Bracelets: Artemis Cuff by Stella & Dot + Pyramid hand bracelet
from Nordstrom

I was in the mood for color and print. Prints are big this season and fur has been in for many seasons now including this past spring. I wanted to be comfortable and warm since it was an evening tour. Instead of a bulky coat, I opted for a fur vest. I threw on my flat color block over-the-knee boots. Over-the-knee boots are also back this fall/winter season.
The blouse I paid $0.69 at a thrift store just outside of Dayton.
The rabbit fur vest was $20 at the Ohio Thrift store a few winters ago.
I had been eye balling this Betsey Johnson Paris Heart Lips stud set for a month and finally decided to indulge. I loved the idea of this set because I have a lot of piercings especially on my left ear. I am also a big fan of the asymmetrical look. Check out her site for more of these fun sets!
I have had these 80's over-the-knee color-block boots for a few years now and I am always excited to wear them. I originally paid about $70 for them. They are my favorite boots.
Me in front of the Columbus Food Adventures tour van

Grabbing more tacos at our first stop after the tour.

What do you think about my look?
Be blessed! Be free! Be fashionable!