Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Last Word by Karen

Sophisticated Stripes

Dress and Tee: Target

Stripes appeared in every runway show for spring and summer.  Remember when the fashion experts said vertical stripes were good for all body types  but horizontal stripes were not for everyone?  I have seen women of all sizes in both horizontal and vertical stripes and they have all looked marvelous!  Vertical stripes can make you look taller and leaner while horizontal stripes can add curves or enhance them

Ashley Graham  (Link)

Dior & Prada
    Gucci, Ferragamo, Tommy Hilfiger

There are stripes for work, play and evening wear. The patterns vary from wide stripe to narrow, perfectly straight, horizontal and vertical to stripes that follow no ordinary form.

Shop The Stripes

If you've been under the assumption that you can't wear stripes start small, buy a striped top or bottom and pair it with a solid. Find a stripe you love and wear it proudly
From left to right:
Pants and jacket : Nordstrom Trouve
Skirt: White House Black Market
Skirt and sweater: Nordstrom

One day at a time!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Chris's/Kris's Closet (Christina) July 16, 2016 Detroit

Chris's Closet

This past weekend my sister and I drove 3 and a half hours to Detroit to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday. I don't see my grandparents as often as I would like, therefore I was so excited to share this special occasion with them. Upon arrival to Detroit we sat with my grandmother and talked for hours, then we went to my aunt's house where the party was being held and helped prepare for the festivities. I made about 50 Hawaiian chicken shish kebabs, while my sister prepared jerk chicken shish kebabs. After that I was in a hurry to get dressed, I had this fear that the party would start before I could change clothes. That would have been bad.

This birthday party was the best house party I've been to in a long time. Most of my family was there, the food was plentiful and delicious, and alcoholic beverages were available. That makes for a perfect party. We all sat around talking, laughing and catching up. My grandfather had his favorite coconut cake with firecracker candles, it was awesome. He had such a great time, this was definitely a memorable event. I miss him already!

I knew it would be a long day and that we would hang out with my cousins later, so I chose an outfit that I could wear from day to night. 

Romper: Target, purchased last year

Shoes: Target, purchased last year

Earrings: ChristinaKristin

Belt: Community yard sale purchase

Purse: Ohio Thrift Store

Wood Ring: ChristinaKristin (currently we do not have rings for sell, send us a message for a custom order)

Metal  Rings: Aldo

Bracelets: ChristinaKristin

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!!

Be Blessed! Be Free! Be Fashionable!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Chris's/Kris's Closet (Christina) July 8, 2016 24 Hours in NYC

Chris's Closet

Thursday night my sister sent me a text saying that my niece had a last minute casting with Gap Kids in NYC the next day. I was so excited for her, I told my sister she has to go, it's a great opportunity and so on. Then my sister says, "Well you have to go with us because you know your way around New York, I'll pay for you." At first I kept telling her no it's too much money for you to pay for me, but after all of her insisting I happily obliged.

Our flight left at 6am, we arrived in NYC at about 7:30 am we took a taxi to the hotel and thank God we were able to check in early. We dropped off our luggage and headed to the nearest diner for food. After getting dressed we headed straight to the casting. My niece wanted to experience the subway, so we took the train part way to the destination and then hopped into a cab (sidenote: NYC cab drivers must be conserving gas because no one wanted to turn the air on, so we were left to ride in hot stuffy taxis!!) my subway skills need some refreshing.

After the casting we walked through Time's Square, my niece took pictures with the costumed cartoon characters, we watched some break dancing, ate lunch and saw a random lady walking around topless. We stopped at Madame Tussaud's, although I have been before they hadn't, and who can resist the wax museum. We had a great time taking pictures with the wax figures, the view of Time's Square was awesome, and my niece ate a funnel cake that was not very good.

Here are snapshots of the museum and what I wore during my  24 hours in NYC!

Shirt: Nordstrom, (the tag came out so I don't know the brand)

Skirt: Handmade by a friend

Clutch: West Elm

Shoes: DIY sandals

Hair Accessories: Made by me

Earrings: Vendor event in Atlanta

My niece and I with Usher!

Kelly and Michael (although they are no longer a duo)

I could have been Mrs. X, maybe!

Until Next Time, Ciao!

Be Blesed! Be Free! Be Fashionable!


Monday, July 11, 2016

Four Years!!!

It has been four years for us as bloggers but due to the social climate at the current moment, we have gotten a late start in celebrating. We all needed time to adjust and focus on the things around us that were really important. We have taken a moment to do just that and though there is still so much to be done, we have to figure out how to help resolve our issues while maintaining some normalcy in our lives. With everything going on, it was hard to celebrate anything, but Saturday we silently celebrated four years as bloggers. We have written four years of blogs about how we live our lives in style, how we save money on season trends and the small business brands that we have grown to love. We are so happy that you are still interested in what we have to say.  We want you to celebrate with us the rest of this month. We have a couple of giveaways planned, as well as new blog series we have been wanting to introduce for a while now.

The last few years we have interviewed each other for a series we call 'ChristinaKristin Talks'. This year we thought we would allow you to ask us questions that we will include in this post. We will be accepting questions on all of our social media outlets as well as the blog comment section. Ask us anything you have ever wanted to know? We will do our best to answer! We will take questions until Friday July 15. Check out our past 'ChristinaKristin  Talks' posts from past anniversaries below.

ChristinaKristin Talks 1 Year Anniversary 
ChristinaKristin Talks 3 Year Anniversary

Stay Tuned! There is so much more to come!
Be Blessed! Be Free! Be Fashionable! 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Chris's/Kris's Closet (Christina) June 26, 2016 ComFest Day 3

Chris's Closet

The last day of ComFest was bittersweet for me. On one hand I was glad it was going to be over because of the long hours and hot weather, but on the other hand it felt perfect to be working those long hours selling my jewelry, meeting my customers, and making my own rules. I must say going back to my job on Monday was a bit challenging. But that's besides the point!! 

The tunic I wore was a thrift store find featured in our ChristinaKristin Thrift Adventure. I had been so excited to wear it and I finally had the opportunity to put it on. It was super comfortable, and I DIY'd my sandals just for this look. I love this hat, but with the heat it had it to go, I put it back on for the pictures!:)

Hat: H&M

Earrings: ChristinaKristin

Tunic: Thrift store find

Shoes: DIY, originally from Baker's

Bracelets: Indian vendor/Gift

Until Next Time, Ciao!