Monday, July 10, 2017

Happy 5 Year Anniversary!!!

This month marks 5 years since we became style bloggers. We have experienced periods of consistent writing, and moments of not so consistent writing. Each year that passes, we grow more and more, and that's the point of life to continue growing, right? In this post you will read our personal thoughts on this 5 year journey as bloggers. Thank you to everyone who has visited our blog, you give us the motivation to continue writing. 


Wow, I can't believe it's been 5 years since we started our blog, time really flies when you are doing something you enjoy. This year we have not written as consistently, but we have been working really hard on some behind the scenes projects with our jewelry collection. Styling has always been very near to my heart, ever since I interned at Seventeen magazine. Since then we have done several editorial shoots, and are now ready to focus more on the every day woman. Please be on the lookout for upcoming projects. If I had to choose highs and lows for my blogging experience, choosing only 1 of each; A high would be sharing my personal style with readers. A low would be not using my personal style as a way to teach other women how to develop their own style.(stay tuned) This has all been a learning experience and I am happy that each year is better than the next. 


Five years ago yesterday, I posted my first blog post. I had no idea what I was doing and honestly five years later, I am not certain I have mastered the art of blogging. However, I can say, the photos are better, we now have ads and people request write ups on products. So to say the least, I can see the growth I have made and the growth we have made as partners. While I am proud of that growth, it also is painful looking at the past posts, knowing they can be better. I have contemplated erasing everything before what I now deem as good but half the blog posts would be gone and allowing people to see our growth is so important. It is important because there are people who are just like us, starting a blog or whatever project and they need to see that things take time, and trial and error. They will see why we will probably never be satisfied with anything completely because to be satisfied sometimes  means stunted growth. I personally want to continue to grow as long as I exist. I say all of this to say, I am proud of my work as a style blogger but I look forward to all of the new challenges yet to be explored. I can't wait to look back at my recent posts in five more years. Hopefully, I will hate them just as much as I hate the stuff I posted five years ago today. 

Thank You For The Love & Support!
Christina Kristin

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